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about Hardy Fall Protection Systems, Inc.

Hardy Fall Protection Systems, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of construction safety products.
Since 2015, we have improved building safety and protected the lives of thousands of commercial building maintenance operators and construction professionals.

Our Story
Founded in 2015, Hardy Fall Protection revolutionized the construction industry by introducing the patented Hardy Tieback Anchor (HTB), the first pre-manufactured and Code-Approved roof-mounted anchor device.

Innovation in Roof Safety
Roof mounted tieback anchors are required under specific building conditions to accommodate suspended scaffolding hooks, clamps, and safety lines. Before the HTB, roof anchors were architect-specified, installed with bolts and plates, and custom-built. The HTB created a cost-effective, easily installed alternative to custom-built solutions.

Continuous Innovation
Hardy Fall Protection Systems continues to create new and innovative products. The patented Hardy Tieback Saddle (HTBS) was introduced in 2022. This groundbreaking roof anchor once again revolutionized the construction industry. Installing the original HTB requires two beams, but the HTBS needs only one. The HTBS’s efficiency has saved builders millions of dollars in time and material costs.

Manufacturing Excellence
We manufacture all Hardy Tieback Anchors using the highest-quality standards and materials. Our anchors are made in the USA at the Tobin Steel Factory in Santa Anna, California. Hardy Tieback Anchors are manufactured under an LA Fabricators license, are galvanized for longevity, and pass the highest quality control standards.

Code Approval and Safety Standards
Hardy Tieback Anchors are the only roof tieback anchors that meet Code Approval standards. All Hardy Tieback Anchors are IAPMO approved and include the California and LA County Supplements. Our patented and code-approved roof anchors ensure that building projects above three stories and 36 feet tall meet OSHA California Title 8, Section 3291 standards for exterior building maintenance.

Our Commitment to Safety
Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Hardy Fall Protection Systems. Our products meet or exceed the highest industry standards, and our team is constantly monitoring the latest building codes, municipal regulations, and best practices. Our products are patentened and IAPMO approved, including the California and Los Angeles supplements. Adopt the Hardy Fall Protection Tieback Anchor in your building project today.

Mark Scambray - Director of Sales & Marketing

In 1989 Mark started his career with Trus Joist. For the next thirteen years he worked his way up from salesperson to Southern California Sales Manager to Western Regional Manager of the commercial division of Trus Joist.

In 2003 Mark took a position with Standard Structures as Sales Manager and within one year became Director of Sales and Marketing working directly for the owner and President of the company. During these years in the engineered wood business Mark established a relationship with the structural engineering community in California, which ultimately provided him with the knowledge and contacts to create Structural Resource Group. 

Since 2009 Structural Resource Group has worked with over 25 construction material manufacturers providing sales, marketing, and specification services.

Mark has joined the Hardy Fall Protection Systems team to assist in the sales and marketing efforts.

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